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Bassett’s Health Foods is a family-owned and operated business, proudly serving Toledo and the northwest Ohio and southeastern Michigan areas since 1967.

Begun in 1967, Pat and Joe Bassett dedicated their lives to the health food industry for over 50 years. From their humble beginnings in a 350 square foot shop, to the 4,000 square feet of store space today, the Bassett’s have become Toledo’s go-to for a healthier lifestyle.

After Joe’s passing in 2012, Pat continued the family’s dedication to promoting healthy choices for her customers. She worked six days a week into her 80’s doing what she loved: helping others. Following Pat’s death in 2019, their oldest daughter, Charmaine, who has studied and worked alongside her parents since childhood, is continuing their legacy. The Bassett name has been respected in the industry for decades as long-time activists promoting good health and nutrition.

Our Mission is Your Health!

Since Bassett’s Health Foods beginning, our concept was based on independence, health, freedom and being responsible for our own health. Our goal is to make our family and our customers knowledgeable enough to control their own lives.

We always promote education, information and top-quality products. We have studied with some of the most famous natural teachers, doctors and scientists of our time and have taught classes all over the Midwest from Buffalo, New York to Chicago, Illinois and farther south. We have taught as many as 100 classes per year.

Meet Our Staff

Charmaine Rose Bassett is considered one of the foremost Naturopathic Clinicians and Educators in the world. For over 50 years, Charmaine has been intimately involved in the growth and development of the Health/Nutrition/Sports Field, as she worked closely with her parents who owned and operated two of the largest health food stores in Ohio for many years. Charmaine is proud to offer the same great knowledge and service to Bassett’s customers that her parents did and continues to honor their legacy.

Charmaine has studied and attained certification with some of the industry’s experts, including:

  • Linus Pauling (Nutrition)
  • Dr. Bernard Jensen (Iridology, Nutrition Certification)
  • Hanna Kroger (Herbology, Nutrition Certification)
  • Dr. Richard Passwater (Nutritional Certification)
  • Emanuel Cheraskin (Nutrition, Metabolic Typing Certification)
  • Dr. Christopher (Herbology, Nutrition Certification)
  • Dr. Upledger (Cranial Sacral Technique Certification)
  • International School of Myomassology (Massage Therapist Certification)
  • Dr. Thie (Touch for Health Certification)
  • Matt Thie TFH Synthesis (Level 1&2 Certification)
  • Polarity Institute (Polarity Therapy Certification)
  • Klinghardt Academy of Neurobiology (Neural Therapy Certification 1, 2, & 3)
  • California College of Natural Medicine
  • Dr. Dale (Neuro-Endocrine & Anti-Aging Regulation Certification, N.E.A.R)
  • Michael Colgan (Biochemistry, Sports Nutrition)
  • Anthony Amada (Biochemistry, Sports Nutrition)
  • Professional Bio-Ultimate Platinum Technologist Microcurrent Technologies (LED, Endomology and Hydrodermology Certification)
  • CAM (Advanced Quantum Feedback Certification)
  • United States School of Naturopathy (N.D., D.H.)
  • Central State College (N.M.D., D.M.).
  • ONAC (Native American Practitioner, Medicine Woman)